Wednesday, April 07, 2004

my band my band my band

ekkekeke.. kinda addicted to D12's song. really like that boyband part! tak tahan btol! :))
would want to post the whole lyrics but they curse too TOO much!!
but i LOVEEEEE this part!!

girl why can't you see you're the only one for me
and it just tears my a$$ apart to know that
you don't know my baaaaannnndddd~

man, f* this!

hahhahahha!! really love that part! :))

anyways.. since it's april.. and it's gonna be school break soon, (and my other friends have changed their layout! exception to lily though :P) i decided to do a new layout!!
well, not an original idea though.. kinda stole the looks of ingram hill's wallpaper. heehee~!
and what better picture should i put up, other than my favorite friends? :D :D
*bodek lagi*

liking the layout!!
liking moi friends!!
liking a guy!!
liking the coming school break!! :))
not liking the non-existant voice though.. heehee :P


suara ilaaaaaaang!! :((
aaaah my beautiful voice :))

mama called me and i can't speak anything with her!!
i truly just lost my voice..
(ahaa~ so this is how it feels when you lose your voice)
i truly truly can't speak about anything right now.
*silent scream*

[11:07 am]


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