Thursday, April 08, 2004

i find cursing is not the answer.

but i did curse some bits.. :D

sorry.. tadi geram, sebut kau.
sorry hobbitses.. you three had to endure me said the animal.
fcm is indeed, tonyok!

i was at a high point of fury.. 'til i messaged dida and what did she replied?

amek je la. mebi ada sbb ALLAH x bg. Atleast ko still di bg blajo. Sabo.

i was about to reply, kau gile hapee?? but i actually just laughed..
haihhh.. didaaa didaaa.. you and your skolah pondok! ekekkekeke! :P

so majin got MI.
me, bahijah, dar, amri, ina, fina would probably be stuck in ID.
ana and ablen did got DM, along with a reluctant asha and nana.
ayako and azarul got VR. ekkekee! (sorry for laughing :|)
FA.. who got FA? fariz, you got aa?

aaaaand i just got a call from nina..
haihhhh.. i miss my siblings a lot. skolah pondok or not. ekkekeke!

so now, if you're surprised to see that i didn't spend the whole blog cursing.. well, so do i! but it seems that too many people are cursing right now, and i still have my lovely friends around.. maybe.. MAYBE i can put up with the stupid major.

ablen: so. wanie rela ke tak amek ID tu
me: kalau tak rela wanie ade choice ke?
me: nak mati, cam awal sangat
me: nak pindah limkokwing, mahal sangat
me: nak kawen, takde calon ngan tak readi
me: nak duk umah je, saye mati gak laa. sbb bosan


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