Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My immune system is pathetic.

I think I'm down with some sort of a cross between flu and fever virus. I know one side of my face hurts, and I'm not going to freak myself out by Googling on my symtoms. *sigh* Probably should've taken some Panadol when I got it last week. Actually I still haven't had any sort of medicine to help me get better! But since I'm not complaining, no one's fussing on me to eat any pills - which is perfectly fine.. for now!
Kinda experimenting on myself actually. Let's see when my antibody will kick in and kick this virus outta me. heh!

Now I'm amusing myself by thinking if I had a doctor like House. haha! He would've probably been so annoyed to see me come into the exam room with just a slightly higher temperature and a runny nose.
Is there ANY doctors like him? He's just so... humm.. actually I haven't had a single word to describe him yet. Maybe "complex". Complex works, but it doesn't portray anything special, as he is, is it? O well!

Everyone's been talking about Dida going to Rotterdam. I'm slightly.. glum. It hasn't been confirmed yet, so a part of me wishes that she wouldn't have to go after all. Of course, that is only the envious part of me talking. And yeah, I'll miss her bossiness loads. Six to eight months.. It'll be like when Nina and Dida were in boarding school again, and I had always cried whenever I came along to send them to JB. Had always wished I could've stayed with them. *sigh* Really feels like I'm eleven again.

But Rotterdam would do Dida good, I'm sure of it. It's like a really really good chance for her to grow.. gain experience.. improve her English? haha! Well, she's brilliant, but she needs to talk more of it.
So I want her to go. She deserves to go. She should go.
Maybe later she'll come back with an incredible pressie for me like last time! heh! (Last time: she went to China and came back with a guitar for me.) *sigh* And maybe she'll come back with a handsome Dutch of a boyfriend. heehee!

Yeah, Dida should be picked for the Rotterdam post, and I shall be happy for it.


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