Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I'm definitely having my "annoyed days"; when I simply get irritated with everything and anyone for perfectly no reason. (No, it's not the time of the month.)
I suppose this time it's because of my not-so-healthy condition. (Inconsistant sleeping hours are getting the best of me?) Feeling lousy all over. And today I had a pain at a serious point. Felt like one of those stabbing sensation.

I really really need to get a check up done. (but I hate clinics and hospitals!!) For some reasons, sickness scares me. Quick, instant death doesn't seem to scare me as much as slow.. really slow death.
So what does that tell about me? *ponders*
Funny, I can't imagine myself dying in a bed. (But I don't want to die all bloody either!) heehee. Okay. Going to stop talking about dying now. I'm starting to scare myself..


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