Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Slept very late last night.

Now I have extremely puffy eyes and a nasty sore throat. Remind me, why exactly did I checked on House spoilers?
Aah~ right, obsession.
I need to find a cure to boredom if I ever want to be obsessed-free. I swear, the only reason I am what I am is because of my constant need of a form of entertainment. (sounds dangerous, doesn't it?) As you might have guessed, I'm cranky because some things doesn't seem to be going my way. (don't know why the heck not! "My way" is definitely better!) I know, I know.. it's only a tv show. I'm fussing over a show, but what else can I obsess about if not tv shows?? Still think it's better than actually obsessing about a real person who doesn't deserve my time, nor my thoughts to begin with. (do I come off as somewhat bitter?) Kinda sounds like I am, eh? But I'm NOT! Bitter doesn't suit me. I may be mean, but bitter.. not possible. Anyways, getting back to my point that has been vague since I started this post; I really need to learn self-resistent. Give me boredom and a little resources.. I'd fall into the more-tempting dark world that should be easily described as "patheticness". note: I'm trying to make my words sound a little grander, if you hadn't noticed. A friend had quoted, "you have a unique sense of something" (when it comes to words.) Yeah, and she has a knack for tagging me by so many names, as the friend in question being Muz. I really need to get new friends.. but I'm annoyed by most people! gah! Just the other day I heard my sister answered politely to a semi-perverted guy who dialed her phone by mistake. To think, that I am even rude to the people I KNOW who calls me! I'm coming off rude and I have low-tolerance to sulky, incompetent salesperson who seem to think they're beeing funny when they can't answer my questions. I suppose most people are, but they try being nice and laugh at those dumb jokes. Not me, though. I show no mercy to eejits. I don't get why people work in services when they can't even spare a smile. Suppose there's that money issue: need cash badly, no matter what the job is. But God! People like that should be banned from services. What the heck were they thinking.. selling stuff with a gloom above their heads. Gits! See what I had just done? I was babbling, rambling and ranting.. and they were of 8 different topics, triggered by a simple dissatisfaction on one casual obsession. Just to show how bad it is. Obsession is not endearing, obsession is one way to see a desperation. And desperation is pathetic! (there's number 9 right there.)


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