Monday, November 21, 2005

Self resistence.

I HAVE to learn how one of these days.
Was bored, (by now you should know that I'd usually do things that I shouldn't have or babble endlessly when I get bored, but in this case;) I Googled on House. *grins*
(I'm hopeless, I know.. Muz reckons I'm a "social butterfly" for having a knack with seeing other people's relationship progression, but I believe she totally misused that term - I-AM-NOT A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY, thank you very much.) But I do have a knack in seeing chemistry between people - as long as I'm not included. My feelings blinds everything. Typical.

Anyways! How did I ever get tagged as experienced in relationships anyways?? Now to think about it.. Rai claimed that I was. And I used to know this girl who'd come to me for my thoughts on her potential-boy. Honestly! And everyone else have had better long-lasting relationship than I had. This is mind boggling!
Either they just didn't realize how pathetic I've been in my own social life, or they seem to think that I was smart. Really smart.
AHHAHAHHAHAHAH!! Hilarious. That can't possibly be it.

Eh, I went off course. House! I found this one site with the full season's transcripts. heehee. I know it should spoil my entire viewing experience, but I couldn't help it! Plus, I don't find it too wrong if I looked it up myself. Unless someone had told me about it without me even asking, I'd wallop that person's arse in an instant!
I'd say.. obviously the show has some brilliant script writers cause I have no problem laughing at them by just reading. Then I found this line.. bittersweet, don't you think?
"I thought you were too screwed up to love anyone. I was wrong. You just couldn’t love me. It’s okay. I’m happy for you."
Sorry if it gave out ideas.. just had to share this line. Period.

Anyways, here's McFLY's She Falls Asleep.
One sad song I love. If there had been a girl's voice in it, the song would've probably sounded more sad. Tom wrote this one. Said he's a fan of John Williams; explains the music, yeah? (sorry if you can't play it! not exactly sure how this works.)
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