Sunday, November 13, 2005

New textbook.

That's what Tuesdays With Morrie shall be to me from now on.
Although the story left me pretty poignant once I finished reading it, I really reaaally hope I'd be able to see life as Morrie had seen it.

See. I've been told that I've kept my guard up all the time. And once, a guy told me that I am afraid of getting hurt. So! The question is, don't you have to be broken to be afraid?? Honestly, I don't remember being burned so how did I become.. broken? It doesn't make any sense!
And it just upsets me, reading all the time Morrie talks about love.
Well, I've forgotten what my point was when I started this but certainly.. I still have lots of things to figure out!

Okay. Moving on.. I got a silly short message at 12 am this morning! It was a birthday wish for me - which wasn't until next month!! *rofl*
Going to be nice here by not saying his name. But I kinda like the idea of embarrassing him a little by this post! hihi. Sorry.. too much temptation!

Good night, world!


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