Sunday, November 06, 2005

My whole darned body aches!!!

Try spending most of 15 hours in a car.

Me and the rest of the family went to Perak on 3rd Syawal. I suppose we didn't mean to stay in the car for that long, but Mama thought we should visit this one house that she'd never been to. Spent almost 2 hours just trying to find it!
Then, instead of heading straight back home Papa had promised to visit Cik Mohlis first. (Silent H! He's my father's brother anyways.) It was fine, but I hope everyone would just stop asking me when I'd finish school!! (ooh~ but Cik Mohlis gave me RM15 for duit raya! ahahha!! and Cik GG said that I have a nice figure! WAHHAHAHA!!)
Nina and Jasmin Abg. Min were supposed to spend the night in Shah Alam but something happened and they decided to go back to Seremban instead.

Sorry if this post doesn't make too much sense. My body just aches so bad, too much pain signals and my brain is left disabled to think of anything else.

I must've went speechless at least a dozen times since the past three days. Maybe I should stick a post-it on my forehead telling that everyone ought to stop asking me what I've been up to.


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