Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Absently.. minding myself.

My thumb is doing great. Although.. I'm hating how it looks; 'cause it bled a little under the nail (when it was caught at the car door) and naturally, the blood is stuck there. Now it looks like a manicure done really bad. hahha!
Still.. amusing. Until my nail grows out, I will have a small momento of my own stupidity.

I've recently told some people that I just realized.. my happiest place on Earth happens to be at the stadium -- on a match day. Be it Old Trafford (ehem. I'd only gone there once but still..) or the Shah Alam Stadium, I've never left a stadium not feeling extremely hyper and contented.
I suppose all the shouting, taunting and cursing just makes me happy! hahhahha! Plus, those Mexican waves.. I LOVE Mexican waves. heehee.

Maybe it is important for people to be around people who are similar to them. Not necessarily the same characters or interests, but the same sense of purpose.

So I figured that I probably should be a footballer's wife. Though I reckon I'd be a boring one since all I want to do is follow the spouse on each of his games instead of preoccupying myself doing something else saucy for the media. Probably the worst thing I'd do is leave the kids at home while I join the hooligans at the stadium!
That'd be excellent, though. hahhahaha!

Probably I should've left my thoughts in my head instead of typing them out, yeah? heehee.

The family had dinner at Ang More earlier. Can't help but order the same thing everytime. You know, it's not that I'm not being adventurous; I just find it easy to obsess about things. (The line between "obsessive" and "passionate" is quite blurry in my head, I'm afraid. heehee.)


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