Monday, August 20, 2007

Bad weekend for football.

I cannot believe United LOST!!
Seriously.. that was just.. the lowest of low.
Man U lost, Bolton lost, Newcastle tied without any goals and Liverpool also tied with Chelsea after that penalty shot from that unjustly decision by that BLIND referee!
Now tell me.. doesn't that sound like an awful weekend for football? Maybe I am just not meant to follow up on the league so early in the season.
(I probably should note that United's U18 youth team had won the Champions Youth Cup, though.)

Chiang Mai!
It was interesting. I got on Air Asia for the first time and it was... different. I almost gone crazy for the lack of entertainment.
We (me, Dida and her friends) got a pretty neat package for the trip and our tour guide and the driver was really nice. Our guide made quite the impression when she explained to us about their culture of tipping by using her name; Sureetip as a visual aid: Sure - tip! hahahha! She's a Virgo by the way. Very pleasant.

We had Thai Massage on our first day at a building funnily named Pornping Tower! The thought of getting my first ever massage -- and a Thai one at that was nerve wrecking! I'm not exactly limber, you know.

But my masseuse was nice. (Most Thais we met were nice, I suppose!) She didn't knead me too hard except for the part when she uses her knees to massage my back! She actually LAUGHED when I groaned! (Okay, probably my fault since I made a sound not too different from the sound when a **citizen got attacked by a wolf -- You would too if your lungs and ribs are pressed to the floor!!)
** I'm refererring to the game Caesar III. I'm sorry if you had never played it and have no idea what those citizens sounds like.

I'm going to jump hours here, so I'll just tell you what we did the next day.
On the second day we were in Chiang Mai, we travelled a little outside the main city to visit the elephant camp!
They were.. seriously impressive. One of them particularly was an excellent painter! It could even sign its name on the artwork! (In Thai, of course.. so I couldn't really tell what it exactly said. haha!)

One of the paintings done by the elephants being displayed at the souvenir shop.

We hit a couple more touristy places for the rest of the day and one of them was a Thai silk production place where Dida went crazy and charged her card for every purchase. haha!

Then on the wee of Saturday morning, we headed out to Chiang Rai which was the northern most province in Thailand. (Myanmar was just across a small bridge!) We also went to the Golden Triangle area -- not exactly at the opium producing area, unfortunately but we were at the junction of Ruak and Mekong River.
Basically we were able to see Thailand, Myanmar and Laos at one glance!

A shiny structure near the river.

Alright. That's just about it, I think! I write boring reports, I'm afraid. I'll upload more photos onto my Fotopage once I get some sleep. Have a good week everyone!


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