Thursday, August 09, 2007

Die Sixteen, DIE!

I had an interesting night.
Dida and I stayed at the Holiday Villa Subang, which you may find odd (as I had found it myself,) but it was nice all the same. The room was nowhere cheap but I understand how foreigners would LOVE it. For their small fraction of money, they would be able to get a fantastic view!! I was really surprised that we were in fact -- in Subang.
Now, why did we stay in a hotel for a night is a boring story that I would not even bother to share with you guys.

Also.. last night we (Dida, Papa and I) went to see the Malaysia Cup Quarter Finals between Selangor and Terengganu in Stadium Shah Alam. The turn out wasn't great but the brilliant thing about it is that the people who ARE there were real maniacs. Crazy funny.
sad turn out

We had some great laughs. Mainly because of those manic people.. heehee.
But we also cursed (an exception to Papa, of course!) when our team.. or the Terengganu team was acting particularly moronic.

Especially the Selangor player in number 16 jersey -- OH MY GOD!! He's extremely stupid! Terengganu had scored first, and Selangor levelled. Then Selangor managed to score again, making it 2-1. Then this number 16 (which I just looked up, named Abdul Ghani Abdul Rahman) DELIBERATELY fell on top of a Terengganu player inside the PENALTY BOX which then made them both lying on the grass! Tell me that isn't a MORON! Everybody was angry at him; even the keeper! I actually promised him DEATH in one of my angry shouts. ahhahaha!
So anyway, the match ended with a tie, even with me and Dida chanting "Van De Sar" and "Reina" as Terengganu take their penalty shot. Hope Selangor will pull through in the second quarter finals in Terengganu!
Just found out that 16 happens to be a Sag! Damn youuu! Good thing 16 has never been my favourite number or I'd feel doubly responsible!
edited on 1:34 AM, August 10th 2007.
Ooh.. and I just found out that 16 was the one whom had actually scored Selangor's second goal!! ahahhaha! The irony. I don't know how I feel about him now. He is suddenly amusing somehow.

Aaah~ it's Thursday. *curses* Seems like the days are zooming by so fast.


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