Friday, August 03, 2007

"Life is too short, eh?"

AHAHHAHAHAHA!!!! Man.. the dream of that 13-year old girl crashed again tonight.
Never Date a Pisces

Sensitive, emotional, and unrealistically romantic - you are destined to break Pisces heart.
Don't get fooled by a charming Pisces. They'll be clinging to you by the end of the first date!

I was eating McD's apple pie earlier and it made me wonder..
How is it possible to eat those things without getting the sweet, apple sauce slobbering all over your mouth, eh? I mean, there must be a technique of some kind, right?

Went to see The Invisible -- I feel sorry that I'd seen Disturbia last night which made my thoughts towards The Invisible rather.. brutal. I truly believed that Disturbia was perfect, so with The Invisible.. everything was simply not enough!
There's these characters; Nick and Annie, and I believe they were supposed to show this.. high-level sense of connection between them but I didn't feel it! They had an hour and forty minutes to get me hooked but what they did was just stalling the end which could've been at the end of the hour mark!
I just find everything sluggish.
It's disappointing.. it had so much promise! The premise -or idea of the story was really interesting (it's an adaptation of a Swedish novel, Den Osynlige) but the result was just -- NOT ENOUGH.

Humm.. anyway. I've been saying this a lot lately but..
I've got to get a move on.
--once I wake up later in the morning! ahhahaha!!


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