Monday, August 27, 2007

Okay, I should blog now.

If there is a "good time" for me to blog, now is probably it. heehee.

United got their first win of the season. I'm relieved! I was pretty nervous as I caught up with the second half. I was nagging a lot while I was watching the match, saying things like what can I do with them (as if there is anything I can do with them!) and Nina suggested; "stop supporting them?"
--I wish!! Van De Sar returned to his nature of being.. (you'd guess it!) a KNOB! We should get Kasper Schmeichel.. (Son of Peter Schmeichel, whom Dida thought was the best goalkeeper that Man U ever had.) He's still very young and quite brilliant, I dare say. I doubt Rafa Benitez is going to let Reina go. ahhahha! Here I go talking about football like a boy.

Some more quick notes for my future self; Bolton also got their first win and the Magpies got another draw -- which is making me think that I need to watch them play in order for them to win. ahhahaha! I am SO trying to watch their next game and not get tempted by the wonderful idea of the great outdoors! (Man, it'd be HARD!)
I think my baby had a haircut. I miss his bleached hair; it's so easy to spot on the pitch! Maybe he'd get back his senses and bleach it again. heehee. He also got himself a yellow card. sigh. I need to catch the repeat this afternoon.
(And F1's! I'm not even checking the results so I'd be surprised..)

Anyway, reasons for missing my favourite sports;
I was in Ampang for Sheeya's wedding!! It was my first official invitation to a friend's wedding so I MUST go! It was funny.. I haven't seen or talked to her in ages but Sheeya was still very Sheeya!
The thing about weddings.. it doesn't make me think about when am I going to have my own. It usually just awes me how these people trust their judgement and be so certain. Obviously, I am not the person you'd like to ask about commitment. I have doubts in the marriage institution, to be honest. I know, I know.. think what you want, I'm not even going to try to explain myself. But hey, as for Sheeya and her man,

On Saturday, I met up with Ana who was in Shah Alam and we just.. hung out for a bit. Then I persuaded her to walk home with me from SACC. heehee! Later I got her to join me and Dida to Putrajaya and watch the Team Italy on the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. Me and Dida got her home waay past midnight. huhuu.

Some other things that had happened last week...
England lost the friendly against Germany. hahhaha! (I'm laughing so I won't curse.) Robinson is definitely rubbish!! Not that I prefer David James any more but seriously.. England is in dire NEED of finding a great keeper. (Like Malaysia needs a brilliant defend line.)

I've been really liking Football Crazy on StarSports lately. They usually have four hosts on the show and they all seemed like friends! People with great chemistry makes me wonder. You know, how some people just clicked while some others don't. It's fascinating!
Ohh, the show's ads are usually entertaining as well.

Okay. I'm bored typing about my days now.
Go read something else!

ps: Bahijah, thanks for last night!! *hugsss*

edited on 11:21 PM.
Ferrari got one-two! ahhahha!


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