Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shoes off if you love the Toon!

I was bored the other day so I preoccupied myself by reading about some Premiership teams and I've accidentally landed myself to a new found repulsion towards Sunderland. *manic laugh* sigh. It shouldn't be this easy for me to be affected by things.
Unfortunately, I just love distractions! heehee.

I'm going away for a few days and currently inappropriately dreading it -- just because I am going to miss those football matches! ahhaha! I am silly like that, I suppose. I am EXCITED about going out of town but I wish I could have both! Quite the simple example that you just can't have everything, eh?
Ah well, repeats for me then.

Do you think it's sad that my life sort of revolves around the telly? -- I don't think so, but then again I am too ME to be rational.

Anyway, I am feeling more and more lost these days. I really should adopt a little seriousness and get my mind off those clouds.
Ohh, I am still smiling over Dayat's news the other day. I simply cannot be any happier for her! The coolest ever story anyone could've told me. haha!

Selangor lost the second quarter finals. That blows BIG TIME! blah~ We SO need to do better next season! Losing is cramping my style. hahhaha!
Well, I need to pack my things now. (Of course, it'd help if I am not distracted by Portsmouth vs. Man United on ESPN right now! hahhaha!)

edited on 4:48 AM.
Damn it, United!! Do you have to be this lousy so early in the season?? Arses!! So glad I won't be around to see this weekend's match! Rubbish!
I hope the other United won't disappoint me!


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