Thursday, November 06, 2008

C'est moi.

I read this somewhere.. about having writer's block; because the first key to writing is to write, you should write anyway as an exercise -- you'll never know how things will turn out when you let your words flow.
So anyway, the thing that I read said that for an exercise, you could write an "autobiography" in one sitting. (Well, obviously it isn't a very long autobiography unless you don't need to eat, drink or pee.)

I've always wanted to try that. (Another exercise is to type out one of your favourite books. Again, just to let the words flow in hopes that you'll find your own words and stop plagiarizing. hahaha!)
But every single time I've thought about trying, I'd get stuck.. not knowing where to start. Should I start from when I was born? 'Cause I don't really remember that part. Should I write every bit of memory that I have? 'Cause then I'd be bored before I finish.

Yet somehow I managed to write the title; C'est moi, which is funny since I'm not French nor do I speak the language. (Okay, maybe just a little; je mapelle Wanie, oui, no, pardon moi, toilette, je ne sais pas, je ne sais quoi, RSVP, deux billets s'il vous plaît, foie gras, baguette, croissant. HAHHAHHAHHAHA!!)
Honestly I don't know what that says about me. Probably of my silliness.

Aaanyway. I'm stuck at the title now. Maybe I shouldn't have had it in French since now I'm just amusing myself with the little vocabulary that I have. bah!
I need to focus.
I'll try the exercise some other time. hahahhahahha!! (That must have been the dozenth time I said that!)


Jangteh said...

You having a Writer's Block? Thats ludicrous! Ha ha ha...Perhaps the correct term is 'you're having a writer's unblock'. That is, you cannot stop, writing.

Monkey's Bunny said...

well, I've always said that I'm hypergraphic, so in comparison to what I'm capable of, I AM having a writer's block.

but when I said that I'm hitting a block, I meant to say that my "works" are declining in quality. (not that they were especially good before) but I used to feel good after I write them; that I felt like a writer for writing them.. not just some random person who happens to scribble down something.

but I know what you mean.. it does seem that I never really stop writing.

Jangteh said...

I don't really know what you mean but there are so many kinds of writers:

a writer who regards his writings as crafting
one who writes as he/she feels
writing like writing in a diary or journal
writing as to a friend

I guess the important thing is to write for the joy of it.

Monkey's Bunny said...

ah well.. your idea of what a writer is, is different than mine.

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