Wednesday, November 12, 2008

eeep. Mad cow disease.

Sagittarians aren't known for their sense of direction.
Well.. in the literal kind at least. I mean, most Sagittarians I know always knew what they wanted in life and they always pursue in that direction. But when it comes to roads.. I know a couple who couldn't help but get lost.

A friend of mine once told me about her mother.. she'd usually ask for directions from my friend before she leaves home. But after a few hours, she'd call from her cellphone and frantically saying that she was lost and had no idea where she was. (My friend eventually had to drive out with the other car to find her mom.)

Then there's the other friend whom had once got lost driving around inside KL for 3 hours. (There was no traffic.) hahahaha. I thought that was amazing.
Well, of course there are other Sagittarians like my sister.. who ALWAYS knew where she was going.. literally, or metaphorically. She'd know the roads in JB by the second time we drive out from the hotel! (Well, I thought that was impressive.)
And yet, unfortunately.. a good sense of direction isn't hereditary. I am bound by my absent-mindedness to not know where I am (literally or metaphorically). When it comes to direction.. I am.. a COW.

Annoying, really. The other day I wanted to go to Dida's office by Putra LRT. (Keep in mind that I've done this just last week.) So I went to the ticketing counter and said confidently; "Taman Paramount"
So while in the train, I was listening in to my headphone (Paramore) while I was half-eying the guy standing next to me. (It was amusing.. we looked quite similar in appearance really; white top, capri/shorts, Converse shoes.. right down to the Sony Ericsson handphone/earpiece!)

So I heard the announcements.. Taman Jaya.. Asia Jaya.. Taman Paramount.. oops! That's where I should get off, and so I did -- except, it ISN'T where I should get off! I went outside.. walked along the station.. took at least three minutes before I figured out -- I should've gotten off at Taman Jaya!! Idiot.

The speed (or the lack of it) of my mind is really embarrassing sometimes.
And that's the reason why I get nervous when I'm at a new place. I'm afraid of taking a wrong turn and getting even more confused when I've gone too far from where I'd intended to be.

Moving on, I spent an awesome day with Ana yesterday. (Sushi in the park!!) Amazingly it didn't occur to me to take any pictures. sigh. Maybe we were too consumed by the amazing sandwich that we got from Cold Storage. (Seriously, we spent a while admiring the pastries and sandwiches available.) (Have I mentioned to you that I LOVE bread?)

My dad said something to me the other day.. which caught me by surprise. Well, I wasn't really surprised, but more like amused. I need to keep in mind that though he doesn't really KNOW me, he actually knows what I'm capable of; which is a little daunting.. somehow.
Ah well, he did say that I was "wild" in comparison to my sisters. I guess you could consider being bold and reckless as wild.

I suppose this is a pretty long entry, but I like it. It's normal for me anyway. Can't say when will I post another entry since I'm not even supposed to write this one. (Long story.) I'm just going to try and keep myself busy for the few days to come in hopes that I will be too pooped to think and that I'll just crash in bed and fall asleep at night. (Even after the long day I had yesterday.. and going to sleep at 3 since Dida and I were talking about her laptop and other things.. I still woke up at 8. wth!)

So I'm going to try and keep myself busy. I think I'll go outside for a walk in a bit.


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