Tuesday, November 04, 2008

*cough cough*

Boring day.
Let's see.. I woke up relatively morning, got a shower and went out to run some errands. All the while my brain was trying to decide if I should get lunch. I wasn't feeling like eating but I promised to Boyfie that I won't skip meals on purpose and "not feeling it" doesn't sound like a good excuse, so I got lunch. bah.

I'm still coughing. It was horrible since I got woken up coughing all through the night. Annoying. I heard that people who tries to quit smoking would be coughing a lot. So maybe I was coughing more 'cause I didn't smoke all day yesterday?
Not funny, I know. I talk about unnecessary things when I'm bored.

Til later.


Jangteh said...

I had a neighbour who smoked. One day he decided to quit. 2 months later he was diagnosed with lung cancer. 6 months later he died. After that day, I give up on quitting smoking.

Anonymous said...

doesnt mean carrying on wont get u killed tho ^^

also doesnt mean quitting would always kill u faster ^^

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahhaha Jangteh.
that story sounded familiar somehow.

but I'll quit.. someday. I haven't planned on it yet, but I will. (so don't worry hun :P )
I just need to focus on slowing down a bit for now. channel my uneasy thoughts or feelings in some other way.
smoking is a great vice though.

Suree said...

Strawberry Tart and Opera cake!!!

Monkey's Bunny said...

next week!
Ana free hari ape Anaaaaa?

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