Thursday, November 13, 2008

weeeee headache!

I jumped on a train. heehee.
Not literally though. Would've been dramatic if I did.

I'm writing this from the lobby of The Hive Backpackers' Hostel in Singapore! hahahha! The thought that I am a "backpacker". Kinda cool.. but funny in the same time. heehee. I haven't had the chance to look inside the bedroom yet since the check in is at 2pm. (I'm staying in a dorm! hahhahahahha! oy, thoughts of summer camps is flashing in my head now.)

Anyway, me being me.. it took a while for me to get to the MRT station from Tanjong Pagar Train Station. (I asked one person for direction.) Then I took the MRT that went the other way, so I got out after one stop. Got off at Lavender station, walked around for I don't know how long (asked two persons before I found Lavender Street) before finally getting to this place. ha ha ha ha ha!

I'm delirious. It was odd on the train. Whenever I fall asleep, I'd wake up after an hour. It happened at least 4 times. gah!
Anyway, I think I'll plop down on the sofa. Too tired to think of what to write.


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