Thursday, July 01, 2004

2-inched heels.

having very achy legs. but mostly my left leg, somehow.
wore heels for the first time. just thought i should try it out. it was rosie's by the way. it's amazing how despite her small size, i can still fit her heels. :D anyways! my comment on heels : PAINFUL!!
but i guess that's kinda expected since really.. it was my first time! :D
entah kenape terasa nak melawa keluar malam ni. :)
watched the movie which i am going to see again tomorrow night.. err, well.. later today! :D won't mind about it at all. so happens that i DO want to see the movie again. it was good! :x :x

earlier tonight someone complimented me for something. okaaaay, thank youuuu.. but i really don't know exactly how to react! tak tahan btol laa! ekekkeke!! :P bodek ni pon dapat ape aaa??? :P

will be having a full day (supposedly) today. there'll be a presentation in the morning. i honestly dislike presentations. even if i don't have to talk a lot, it just makes me all nervous and jumpy and all words seem to be leaving my head and tumbles out horribly and all vocabularies just gone and so i am left to spatter in front of a crowd. *sigh* just imagining it makes me shiver. :(
sleepy, but i'm not supposed to sleep. not yet not yet.

the euro is on but i feel lame not watching it but only to READ from the live report. :(

ohh.. you shouldn't be able to read this post.. 'coz i'm supposedly on a hiatus! ekkekeke!


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