Monday, July 19, 2004

wanie, berhentilah mengade!

i am getting VERY annoyed with myself. i feel like i should totally ignore myself for being such a difficult git! it's like.. i'm trying to help myself but "she" just refuses to even listen! STUBBORN NYEHHH!!!
why is it okay if it was only me who speaks of it?
i'm obviously stupid.
and he's nowhere i can find.
and somehow i feel like running away.
i've been saying things that i wish i didn't say, and he's not saying anything that  i wish he would've said.
so, i assume that he won't ever say it.
so, i better stop hoping 'coz it's been too long and it's making me even more stupid.
so biarlah!
it's going to end soon.
sick and tired of knowing nothing.


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