Tuesday, July 27, 2004

didaroXx!! + cerita klakar #2

ekkekeke. nak kate ape dah?
"i told you so," kot? ekekkeke!!
sape pandai will get why i laughed on the first place.

okay.. just got back to cyberia. (sort of) settled my things, and tendang computer sikit, the usuals :P went to class which wasn't on. ekekkeke! penat btol!! grr. but the walk back was entertaining 'coz my head keep repeating mr john's and farizu's words. oh-oh-oh! (gelak bodo disini) commit suicide kite arini? *nods nods* yoshh~!!
note: i have tons of work and yet, i'm glued to the keyboard! ekkeke!

so anyways! things in cyberia and shah alam are waaaaaayy different! it could be just in my thoughts tapinye. :)
but the long weekend was AWESOME!! i kinda get the amnesia that i wanted. KINDA. ekkeke!
what's awesome is how i had a pretty rough time right before coming home. things happened (as i said, things ALWAYS happen!) and then i had a row with stupid dida (which turned out to be AWESOME dida!) ekekke! (what's weird about dida is that she is WAAY too annoying but it's just IMPOSSIBLE to push her away! heehee)

roti jala/cempedak goreng&TV!/pizzzaaaa!!
good food! me like! :x
and then there was..

budak nakal izzati!!
heehee!! sangat entertaining!! it's tiresome la to take care of her (kesian papa 'coz he'll be baby-sitting alone for the rest of the week as everyone else goes to work) but she's AMAZING!! sangat sukaa itu budak!! can't wait to see if her lil' brother or sister will be just as amazing as her. (due december/january) heehee.
so what exactly work had i done?

quite nothing!! hahahahha!!
i am still at "sketching" my watch.. but i kept being distracted to take pictures and edit them for nothing or doodling doodling. heehee! sangat unfocused!! grr. mati esok had to consult with the lecturers and john said just now, "you better have a LOT to show us". AHHAHAHAHAHHA!! *gedebikk* yahh.. a lot. *faints*

but what made me love the last weekend the most was because i just found out that dida is actually as wise as nina lah! ekekkeke! talking to her was an eye-opener. sangat.. kagum! it's amazing what you can learn about yourself from someone who REALLY knows you. haihhh~ cayang cayang didaaaaa!!!
there's one thing yang agak.. err.. i don't know if i should admit it but she said that i always had the trouble of committing myself to something or someone. AHHAHAHAH! gelak-gelak-tapi-tak-berani-nak-gelak-lebey-sangat. huhuuu. she said, i've always created something to distant myself from the one i would want to get close to or like and when someone else likes me, i'd refrain myself from even feeling for that person even the slightest. ekkekeke!! ermm.. again. this is the part when i get confused.

what everr lah kann!
for sure, i've been reminded how it felt having really no attachments what so ever! yaahhh~!!
kan senang begini? :)
tetapi kesenangan ini diselit dengan perasaan takut. ekekkeke! *gedebikk!* dah.

so here.. a song for 3 people that's been hanging around in my life. ekekke! syuhh~
Goodbye Again by Vertical Horizon

I'm on the outside looking in
What do I see
so much of this left to begin
Where would I be
I'm on the outside looking in
Cover me through this night

I guess I don't know what's left to say
but Hear me out
All of the dreams of yesterday
keep breaking me down
What's on the outside
can you say?
Am I getting carried away

It's in your mind
It's in your eyes
So it's goodbye again
It's way past time
for one last try
So it's goodbye again

Goodbye again...

I'm getting on
what's the use?
You know how I get
I can't decide which is the truth
at least not yet
I got the feeling that it's you
what can be said alone in this room?
And now...

It's in your mind
It's in your eyes
So it's goodbye again
It's way past time
for one last try
So it's goodbye again

Who wants you now?
Maybe somebody else
I'll wait around
Maybe you'll forget
you were never here
Maybe forget
you weren't ever, never, here...

I'm on the outside looking down
What do I see?
So much of this cold in the ground
Where would I be?
I'm on the outside looking down
Cover me before you go...

It's in your mind
It's in your eyes
So it's goodbye again
It's way past time
for one last try
So it's goodbye again

You're falling out
I'm falling in
so it's goodbye again

It's way past time
for one last try
so it's goodbye..

here, take nina's words; menda camni jangan tamak..
when you had a choice, think it through and choose wisely. 'coz even if you're a tad too late, someone else might make the choice for you.

mari buat keje! yoshh~! buang malas tu jauh jauh.. syuhh!


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