Monday, July 05, 2004

my guts are trustworthy!! hahahhaha!!

ooh, they make me proud!! :D

by the way.. apparently my hiatus is VERY temporary! huhuuu~
it's like.. something i HAVE to do whether i like it or not. my hands would just automatically start typing though i hated what it spelled out. haaiihhh~
ape ape lahh!

new-boring-layout features kirsten dunst as mary jane from spiderman! :D very much liking her these days. ohh, if the blue-red fonts bother you, too bad! though i am an ID (interface design) student.. and i should consider all about the UID (user interface design) of things.. i am not going to care much about this one, 'coz i also learn that you can't really satisfy everyone! so i choose not to bother about it at all.. :)

i am sensing my typical stupidity for the week through!


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