Friday, July 02, 2004

headache and heartaches

pusing pusing.

currently at my computer lab in mmu, just finished my first cult3d exercise! :D yaaayyy! now i am a successful cult3d user. :P
the internet at home is somehow unavailable though we've even paid in advance. mmg sangat tak guna!

ohh.. GREECE WONNN!!!! hahahahha!! eat your socks you czech supporters!! HAHAHHAHA!! i know a lot of my friends who chose czech republic last night and not forgetting to laugh at me when i said i am currently a greece fan! see who's laughing NOWW! ahahhahaha!! :))

okay.. my knee cap is getting better. doesn't hurt as bad as it was 2 nights ago. but somehow right now i am having a neck pain. grr.. ade ajekkk!!! X(

ehh laaa.. rupenye wanie tak siap laie keje!! grrrr!! cisss tak gune! tertipu!! farizu memusnahkan angan angan ku.. ekekeke!

okaay.. sambil buat keje.. semalam i went to see spiderman 2 for the second time. and i am officially loving mary-jane watson!
(dah siap kejeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! *jigs*)
okay.. back to mary-jane. i absolutely love her script! amazingly what she felt kinda reflects mine. only thing is.. i don't think he's actually spiderman! mengarut jek!
okay.. thanks to that-guy-who-always-treats-me-nicely! :) thank you for taking me along. :)

okay okay!!
tak sabar nak finals euro!
going back home! hoyeh hoyehhhh!!


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