Friday, February 18, 2005

hey mystery man!

i love yesternight!
what's not to love? it was raining and i was even able to sleep over the chattering people! though it was hard to wake up in the morning for class. heh!

i had a rather weird dream last night. well, i don't know what's it called but 'dream' would probably it.
i was feeling all groggy while on the sofa and i must have dozed off for a second when there was an image of some guy, a real stranger! hihi. i haven't had a stranger in my dream for a while now so it's pretty surprising. it was just a flash of him, and then i opened my eyes. sebab terkejut kot! hohhohok!
anyways, if ever i find that guy in real life.. that'd be freaaky!

let see.. i have nothing much to say really. so, have a nice day people!
and a great weekend too! =)

(aren't i just pleasant when i'm not in a bad mood? hihi)

ps: my ringtone serves it purposes and made some people laughed today!
and i also take back about wanting him to die.. (only understandable if applicable) (ohh! and please. the 'him' i'm talking about is not the him i used to talk about some while ago. this is definitely a different 'him'. just so you know that any guessing wouldn't help if you weren't around when i first said about wanting 'him' die. i shiver to think that some of you would've guessed him.)


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