Monday, February 28, 2005

..feeling rather upset.

just another day when emotions struck silly.

for a moment today, i felt like i was a written character in a book. for some reasons saying goodbye to dida today was hard. *sigh*
probably 'coz weekend was enjoyable. (despite i'm still not talking to papa!) i actually get to talk to mama without having any rage surfacing (an achievement, really) and nina and the girls stayed for the weekend! really exhausting, to have to run around after izzati, but it was fun having them. (farhana included o'course!)

and hanis is already in shah alam!! i even messaged zul to ask about her. hihi! i should be seeing her tomorrow, and i can barely wait!!!

not much in a mood to say anything else. =(
i'm sensing that the rest of the day will be just as depressing.


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