Wednesday, February 16, 2005


it's a funny day to actually blog about feelings but i'm doing it anyways.

so during the break, i watched my nihon-go talking cardcaptor sakura CDs (without the translation, mind you.. i couldn't really get what they're saying if i hadn't got a printed out book of the transcripts. heh!) and it reminds me how much i like.. no. like liiike syaoran!
and then it sort of hit me.. how similar shaoran and kyou actually are! hihi. and that kinda said to me that those similarities could probably be the thing i'm looking for (if i am looking) in a guy. hihi! suki!!

but if i were to choose between the two, i would pick Shaoran lah 'cause i like him first and he's just as awesome and he wouldn't turn into a juunishi if i hug him! hihi! though it doesn't mean that i like kyou any less. ngeeee~
(nina's voice inside head: "benda camni takleh tamak")

and did you know that there were four people who worked for the voices on both cardcaptor and fruits basket? hihi. the person who did the voice for yuki-kun (Hisakawa Aya) was also the voice for kero-chan! kikiki. macam sesuai bila fikir kero dengan tikus. but what started me to search for the people behind the voices was when i realize how similar it was touya's voice and kyou's! and it turned out that they were the voice of a same person (Seki Tomokazu). heee~

by the way, i am bored. can you tell?


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