Tuesday, February 22, 2005

one of these days..

one of these days, i ought to get:
1. anorexia
2. heat-stroke
3. asthma

honestly, if you find any other person who can get bored with food as i do, ask them to contact me. we might just create a club of some kind.
and the weather these days are really HOT, doesn't it? (might be a grammar mistake here) i mean.. i can only half blame myself for seeking comfort under the fan when i ought to do some useful research or anything relevant to my assignments.
oh by the way, a big THANK YOUUUU to abang adi for helping me on my maya assignment. i could only sent it after his help. domo arigatou~! but due to my sloth cpu, i could only get out from the house a quarter before 5, which of course, leads me to run towards my tutor's room! hohoho. mau mati akhirnye.. arriving at her front door just 3 minutes before 5. hahhaha! (i couldn't run all the way, my lungs felt like jumping out from the rib cage, so i had to walk as fast as i could - that is until my leg felt like it's been stretched to a point where it almost rip.) yes, yes.. haven't done much of exercise and that's why i'm having so much health related troubles lately..

okay. really really tired now.
off to the sofa i go, to read my HP#5 for the... humm.. 3rd time (from start to end) since i got it. =)


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