Thursday, February 24, 2005

turning into an unintentional sleuth, i am.

learn about the harry potter fandom here.

re-reading (for countless of times), looking for clues, read other people's theories and editorials, search for rumors (in case there's any truth behind it), and for more fun.. read some fanfiction! (though i think it's outrageous how some of them turned out to be unneccesarily(sp?) err.. 'sexual')
i mean, as much as i love the pairing of H/Hr, i think anything more than snogging is really unneccesary. bluergh. what a way to ruin the innocent friendship of the 'dreamteam' (that's the three, of course)

anyways, i'm foretelling that i'll be yapping about this for at least a couple more weeks before i get bored of re-telling the things i've found out once i've read every interviews and fictions i can get my hands on. AHAHHAHA!! *mad laugh*

(if you haven't read HP5 and wish to do so anytime soon, i advice you to stop visiting this blog in 2 weeks time, at least! if you don't intend to read it.. well, you don't know what you're missingggg~!)

wanie: nina! i just remembered! dumbledore said that the prophecy could only be handled by whom it referred to! and neville did!! does it have any significance? hoho!
nina: hihi.. you're really obsessed. anyways, isn't it because he has the same birthday as harry? i don't remember but i think he must have an important role, right?

well, neville was born a day before harry did actually. and the prophecy could actually mean either harry or neville, due to their similar descriptions. but voldermort has taken care of that, hasn't he? by 'tagging' harry and all. and the prophecy in that department of mystery has already been recorded as to "dark lord and (?)harry potter", so it doesn't make sense to my head that neville could hold it either! i mean, he should have lost his mind at that moment, shouldn't he? there was that little question mark to the prophecy, but voldermort has already marked harry as his equal!! this doesn't make any sense! unless..
unless neville's going to have to face voldermort too in the next installments. but honestly, neville?? unless fawkes gave another feather for a wand then, it could probably make a bit sense, but ollivander has told harry that it only gave two feathers in the first book!!!

bluerghhh. being a sleuth sux! guess i'll just have to give this a rest until the next book or resolute that rowling made a mistake. after all, she did make some mistakes all through her books that contradicts the other books! *sigh* that could just be it..
being a sleuth sux! bluerghhh.
(it doesn't hurt to go to to find out what sleuth means!)

by the way, if it crossed your mind that i only talk to nina about HP, it's because she's the only one in the family who also reads the book! (god bless her!) papa is uninterested (no matter how me and nina promotes it), mama doesn't care and dida doesn't know what a book is! =)
and i took 45 minutes to type this entry! pathetic.


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