Thursday, October 04, 2007

Here's one..

I like to do things my way.
Pushing me into a corner would usually mean that you are willing to risk me fleeing the scene altogether.
Some days, I need to do things my way. Maybe it's because the Moon was in Leo when I was born! hahahha. My point is, doesn't matter how intimate my friends and family are with me.. the real things that goes on in my life.. They'd only know it when they do, and never before.
Am I making sense? Probably not.

Maybe it's a little insensitive and irresponsible -- which would usually lead to recklessness (heh!) but it's the way I roll.. bebbeh.

In a way, I'd like to blame my childhood for this. Being 5-6 years apart from my sisters, I never had a bestfriend while I was growing up. Play-mates, I have plenty! But somebody to talk to.. really talk to.. I never had one. And I'd never mess with the chemistry that my two sisters have. I dunno.. maybe it's just "the psyche of the youngest sibling".

You know.. getting bullied by your sister 'til you actually spoke of suicide.. (yeah, I went through that when I was EIGHT! How distressed/dramatic you must be to know about suicide when you're eight!) Somehow you just suck it up and well.. get pass that! It had always bothered me that I never had my own gang when my two sisters decided that I wasn't cool enough to be their sister that day. Probably that's how I mastered the art of Sadness! Constant practice! hahahhaha!

Good God! I hope I'll never be offered to do an autobiography!!!
My childhood seemed pretty dark, huh? Geez...

Anyway, do you ever see me work for money?
I can't seem to picture myself being driven by money. It's awful! I mean.. what else can actually drive me on then? Self satisfaction? Maaan, that sounds too goody-goody.
I hope I'll get satisfaction once I'm famous. *wink!*


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