Monday, October 01, 2007

Short lines.

1. Because I'm lazy and it's not like you're too keen to read my draggy entries.

2. Supporting a non-great team makes me wonder what they have done for me to gain my loyalty.

3. In case you haven't known.. my loyalty (and faith!) is BLIND. I'm an even sicker Backstreet Boys' song; As Long As I Love You. A criminal.. a wanker.. complete rubbish.. If I love you, I really do. 'Til the point I get my heart broken, of course. (Or bored.)

4. I have seriously funny friends. THANK YOU! You should know who you are.

5. I make a lousy football manager (be it only in fantasy) -- I practice favouritism.

6. Given is not a convincing name for a goal keeper.

7. The Japan Grand Prix was entertaining -- 19 laps behind the safety car; absolutely rubbish! I wanted drama, which fortunately I get after a while. The rain makes the race so much colourful!
Also.. Takuya Kimura was at the Toyota pits during the qualifying round! That was nice.

8. I miss Johma krab salade on that Blue Ribbon white bread. sigh. And Albert Heijn. double sigh.

9. I am open for questions if there's any. AHHAHAHHAHA!
Ohh, and there's no #10 'cause that'd be just too corny!


Girl That Jumps said...

first question.

second question.
jadik tak?

third question.
errr. call me? or sms?

ok dah.

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