Monday, October 22, 2007

Wonderful Sunday.

Yes, you read me right.
I had a wonderful Sunday despite the sad entry earlier. I suppose I could say that a little retail therapy, a movie and good food is like Lithium to me.

First, Dida and I went to Midvalley to catch Bourne Ultimatum. Finally got the chance to see it. I know a lot of people have said that it's good but I think I'll be the minority this time and say that I wasn't particularly impressed. Yes, the acting was good.. the action impressive.. but I'd like it to be more.. wholesome. Oh, I don't know. It's a wee bit draggy and rather uneventful for me. sigh. It always makes me sad when I have to say that a movie had made absolutely no impact on me when I'm inclined to LOVE movies!

We walked around the mall looking for nothing in particular. I'm mentally and physically incapable of splurging on clothes, like I could for books (I know I'm a geek!) but I just bought some during the week, while Dida was refraining herself from buying anymore clothes for herself (or me, for that matter!) since she had already spend looaads this month!

So we left Midvalley and drove around KL.. until Dida just cruised into the basement parking of Pavillion. We hadn't felt like coming home yet and she hasn't been there. So we walked around, window shopped some more -- until I found the Dorothy Perkins belt I had wanted since last month! I've been looking for it since I got some money but they were out of my size.. but I got lucky today; just one more left! So I had to have it. heehee.
It's such a pain in the arse (and purse!) to always know what you want sometimes.

We weren't planning to get any dinner but then we walked past this place called Pasta Mania and I must RECOMMEND it!! The salad was incredibly crisp fresh (it's always ALWAYS a plus point when you can get a superbly fresh salads in a fast food place!), the tomato sauce was simply delightful (to us at least) and we can't help but adore the potato salad! (note: I LOVE potatoes.)
If you're a pasta maniac as I am.. it couldn't hurt to try out this place. Unfortunately you can only find it at Pavillion right now and their next store will open in.. err.. Gurney Plaza Penang in November. heh!

Then we went home, and at midnight.. we sat nervously in front of the telly for the Brazillian Grand Prix. What a drama! It was.. incredible! I've gained a new found love for Massa. So loyal to his team.. I wish him good karma!
Kimi Räikkönen won the championship by a mere single point! What an amazing ending to the drama it has been this year. I'm over the moon for Ferrari but upset for the fact that it was SUCH a baaad week for English sports. The football team would most probably miss out on EURO 2008.. The rugby team lost the World Cup.. and Lewis Hamilton failed to be the first rookie to win the F1 driver's championship.
Just a weekend for the Reds, I suppose; with Ferrari winning.. and so did Man U! hahha! That's good enough to keep me happy for a while.
Ooh! I'm also happy that Azraai liked Pushing Daisies!! So now I don't feel too crazy pushing everyone to watch it. (Watch it watch it WATCH IT!!)

It's Monday.. A new week! I'm going to start on a new book. The Alchemist was brilliant by the way. Such a simple story but Paulo Coelho was an amazing storyteller. Unfortunately I can't see EVERYONE enjoying the book. Somehow I feel that someone who isn't spiritual or religous even the slightest would find it hard to understand. Even I had a little hard time on some parts -- I'm almost agnostic sometimes. (Just on some things.)

Hope you guys will have a wonderful week.
I know I'm hoping for the same for myself.

I've placed links to Wikipedia on two words in this entry since I reckon you won't be too familiar with them. But if you'd known what Lithium and agnosticism were, I must commend you! Us Malaysians.. we don't get exposed to a lot of things, do we?


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