Wednesday, July 02, 2008


aaaackk! I can cryyy!
(because I'm happy.. sort of.)
Okay, I shouldn't be happy about some silly things.. but I just AM!! I don't know why I haven't looked it up before.. but yaatttaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
Okay okay.. I'm stopping that.

I've actually been spending my days watching Fruits Basket (again) and only this time I had gotten around to look for the manga as well.. and thus letting myself be spoiled by the manga version of things.. HAH-HAH-HAA! (Ayame-laugh)
I don't think I'll go into that much since I'm very certain that most of you (if not ALL) wouldn't understand the crap I'll talk about. heehee.
Just.. make a note that I am happy about something that concerns Fruits Basket.

Real-life wise.. I am.. slightly.. indifferent. Or trying to be since the alternative would make me a worry wart.
Like hunny.. I'm concerned bugged about you not being able to call meeee.. ughh.. and I should just tell you right now since we're talking on Skype anyway but I am simply incapable of telling you.. things.
blah. I hate how much I depend on you. You suck! (No pun intended. HAHAHAA!!)

The dark clouds aren't looming over me so much now.
And I ran out of things to write about.. because.. I am.. indifferent. HA HAA!! (I sound more like crazy actually. Ah well..)

Norah Jones - One Flight Down


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