Thursday, July 17, 2008

The thing about money..

I can't have them.
To me, the only reason why you should have them is so you can spend it! I mean, sure.. but some crazy people would suggest that I should save them but baah! Where's the fun in that? hahhaha!

Maybe I should blame my parents for the way I was brought up.
Mind, they didn't teach me to spend money so frivolously.. they didn't exactly give me everything and ANYTHING that I'd asked of them (imagine the brat I would've been if they had! How bratty can one be?) but they'd always make an exception when it comes to food.

So I always have this thought that it'd be a waste if I spend my money on finical things such as clothes or shoes.. Sure, it's nice to have new things to wear and I love having them, but I find it really hard to actually spend MY money on them. What's the point of having new clothes when you have to resolve to eating boring fast-foods for the rest of the month?
And yes yes.. I know that food always end up as poop at the end of the day. That is a valid point but still.. Clothes simply cannot beat food in my thoughts.

Well, food and books really.
I like to think that I'm doing something good with my money. heehee.
So anyway.. I have a bit of cash lying around (not much) and I've been thinking what I should be spending on for the past few days.. hmmm... heehee
Really.. I really shouldn't be with any money at all.

Anyway, my days have been pretty weird lately. (I'll spare you from my rants of my sleepless nights now)
I've been more or less.. blue. But not quite depressed.. so I guess that should be okay? Just not for the writing though. hahahha!
Gah.. this is so pointless..

baby, my heart aches :(

Sophie Ellis Bextor - I Am Not Good At Not Getting What I Want


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