Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lelah hati

I don't know what to say..
Maybe there isn't anything to say..

Please please please God make me stronger.
Please please please..
I'd rather not run..
I don't want to crumble either..
But I am crumbling.. so pathetically.

My rebellion proved to be one stupid mistake.
In my desperation for company I'd talked to the one person I shouldn't be talking to. It was hardly amusing, not at all entertaining. The only best part about the conversation was his opinion on what I should avoid for the sake of my happiness -- and believing with all my heart that he was wrong. It was amusing, to have felt the way I'd felt.. To be sure of something that isn't exactly certain.

But what's the point really..
Now I'm not sure of anything at all, which is really.. stressing upon my point earlier that my rebellion is really one big fat mistake.
blah. And there isn't anyone else to blame but myself, which is making the feelings worse.

Although, I can say now that at least I'm no longer bored..
Two entries in one night! ha! I swear if I could've got on Lifelogger, I would've blogged in there as well. (and make it three entries! heh.)


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