Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Excuse me..

Why do I keep feeling like an idiot.
Just thinking about it makes me feel like an even bigger idiot.
Loser-ish even and God knows I've NEVER described myself as being a loser.

Bloody asshole. I hate feeling weak.. and stupid.
'Cause I AM NOT stupid despite the fact that I say that all the time. I lied. (Refer to previous entry for an obvious example.) I am not stupid. But you making me feel like an idiot is actually an indication of me being stupid.

baah. It's time like this when I actually miss college.. the late night walks that are completely reckless and unsafe. Since I feel like an idiot anyway.. might as well I just act like one.
ughh. I'm supposed to be over my rebellious streak, dammit!

What's worse.. I actually feel like crying listening to love songs now! That's how frustrated I am over the stupid stupid measly, ridiculously stupid thing!
Fuck it.

Just needed to vent.


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