Sunday, July 06, 2008

I need to get to where you are..

So.. I was reading on those Jonas Brothers and apparently they wear something that's called a "purity ring". hahha! I don't mean to laugh really but it amuses me.
And what amuses me more is that on Wikipedia, listed under the See Also is "promise ring". hahahhahaha!
I swear I don't know why it made me grin and chuckle but it simply amuses me.
I actually think the idea of a promise ring is cute. *hint* (HAHHAha!!)

I find myself a little irked by the fact that I haven't had a "good" entry in a while. (Good by my standard that is..)

mm.. I'll try not to write about unnecessary, ambiguous things in the next entry.
It's been an incredibly slow day (Saturday).. even the voice in my head wasn't chattering as it usually would. Weird day.
Going to see Nina and the kiddies later today.. I look forward to getting ultimately pooped when I get back so I won't have to stare into nothingness as I wait until I get sleepy at night.
(I've been going to bed at 5am these days and waking up before 11am.. that can't be good.)

Joe Jonas' song is stuck in my head. ♥


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