Sunday, February 26, 2006

Darned flood.

Papa rented a car since Dida's coming back this "Tuesday". Since none of us had any real plans, I asked Papa if we could go to One Utama so I could get myself a super sampler. (that lomography camera Asha got a couple of.. years ago!) Thought I should stop thinking about it and just buy it so I can get it over with!

But then came the news that the Federal Highway was flooded. Man!
Now I'm worried if I can't come to work tomorrow. Hopefully the traffic will be fine by tomorrow morning. It stinks that I even have to get there before 9:30 am!
Really hope that I won't miss my last day at work.. *sigh*

So me and my parents have been spending the day around Shah Alam..
First we went to our old neighbour's house 'cause the daughter was getting married. Of course, I never liked being around that sort of crowd.. but I thought it was funny seeing my childhood friends again. Boboi didn't seem to recognize me at all but Wawan smiled at me so that cheered me up!

After that we went to Shaw Centrepoint in Klang 'cause Mama had wanted to check out the phone Dida had wanted her to buy. (Again, hated the crowd!)
Back again in Shah Alam.. left Mama at Alam Sentral as me and Papa went to SACC. Got myself a pair of wool gloves!! heehee! Loved it!
When we met up with Mama, she had brought along Dida's new phone.. Nokia's N70. sheesh! So good to have that much money to splurge. Anyways, I've been playing the phone around since Dida would only be back next "Tuesday".

Was listening to Hot.FM while I was in the car.. and finally got to listen to the lyrics to this song! heehee.
Wish I could sing this to the guy.. heehee! (yes, that's me.. mentioning about him still.)

Teman Tapi Mesra by Ratu

Aku punya teman
teman sepermainan
kemana ada dia selalu ada aku
dia amat manis
dan juga baik hati
dia slalu ada waktu
untuk membantuku

namun aku bingung
ketika dia bilang cinta
dan dia juga katakan
tuk ingin jadi kekasihku

cukuplah saja berteman denganku
janganlah kau meminta lebih
ku tak mungkin mencintaimu
kita berteman saja
teman tapi mesra

aku memang suka pada dirimu
namun aku ada yang punya
lebih baik kita berteman
kita berteman saja
teman tapi mesra..


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