Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A day of four part-timers.

Work today was slightly funny. Well, no. It was funny but I don't really know why.

Had the early shift with Angel. I secretly adore her, to be truth. She's 20 (if I'm not mistaken!), an Aquarius and studies Tourism. heehee. (I just find it funny!) She's really friendly and sometimes a little whacked. Some other times I just nod at what ever she was saying 'cause she has a pretty thick Chinese/Malay slang.
You know what I can't figure out? How is that Malaysian Chinese speak Malay language but fail to sound like the way Malay speaks the language? (I'm typing in circles, I know.) And what's even weirder, when Malay speaks to Chinese in Malay language, most of them would speak the same way as Chinese does.
It's just SO odd!!
For some reasons, Chinese-Malay language is infectious.

Anyways, then I bumped into Lilian who got the late shift in Logistics and we somehow just giggled. Then she asked, "why are we giggling?"
Really. I don't know.
I probably bond with Lilian the most. She has an odd sort of sense of humour and I have a theory that it's because she's the youngest of her family.
Okay, I know I have another theory that I can't really be buddy-buddy with "my kind" (read: youngest child of the family) but I suppose Lilian is an exception since there's only one other sibling in her family; an elder sister.
Plus, I find our similarities intriguing!

It's bad for Angel, though, 'cause when Lilian asked if I had wanted to come along with her to the post office, I immediately left my "post" and left Angel right there at the counter by herself. ohhohohok!
This whole thing reminds me so much of high school somehow! ahahhaha! Just me.. tagging along anywho who's going out of the class so I wouldn't have to stay at just one spot. heehee.

The other part-timer at work today was Mimie. Although I have nothing much to say about her, except that she's small! So small that I often forget that she's actually older than me! heeheee.

Alright. Getting off now. Would want to get back to the book Lilian lent me; Sophie Kinsella's Can You Keep A Secret? Had always wanted to read this!!!


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