Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hey you stalker..

I got meself a stalker!
ahhahahha!! Not really.. it's a nice little story actually. At least to me.

So I've been eyeing on this one fella at work. I thought he's.. "Malay good-looking". (that's what I call guys who looks purely Malay and yet.. highly.. highly admirable!) heeheeee. Aaanyways, I think I've asked someone his name before but typically me, I forgot!

Sunday, I was walking towards the Putra LRT station and I felt like someone's staring at me and what-d'ya-know!! It was the guy! I was already smiling then 'cause I thought it was all silly, but there he walked along closer and asked for my name. heehee!

We talked.. or at least he did as long as we were in the train. It was so funny by the way the guy next to us kept looking. I probably should've invited him to our conversation. *sigh* Should've, could've but didn't.

Then yesterday I was talking to this man who had asked for directions to the surau just outside the Kinokuniya's staff entrance and I saw the guy coming along a few feet away, and what did I do??
I quickly finishes my directions to the poor man and practically ran into the entrance, barely looking at my back and went straight into the store (where us stationeries girls hangs out when we have nowhere else better to go!) And what's funnier, I looked through the slits of the door and saw him looking on as he was climbing up the stairs!!! WAHHAHAHHA!! Imagine the embarassment if he'd actually seen me looking through the slits.
Good God, I hope he didn't!!
I know I wished so all thoughout the day.
ahahhahaha! If there is one thing I hope would change this year, it'd be how easy it is for me to embarass myself. That has GOT to stop! heehee.

I spent half the day worrying if I'd offended him by running off, and for a few moments I had really believed so. But later in the evening he came down with his friend to the counter twice. It's a bit relief. Just a bit, 'cause when we bumped again when I was heading towards the locker room, he clicked. He was smiling, but he clicked. It's the clicking sound you make with your mouth.
What am I doing, worrying about boys!!

Although.. I HAD to wonder.. What is the matter with me??
Seems like running away from boys are exactly what I do best. That and embarassing myself.

Day off tomorrow - I mean, today! Valentine's Day. As if I needed the day to run along and celebrate with somebody! Wish someone would call and say that I was needed for work.. at least I get to eye on the guy!
I'm going off the rockers.

Currently reading Enid Blyton's First Term At Malory Towers. Had actually shared money with Dida to buy the whole lot (a series of 6!) for Nina! Looked through Enid Blyton with Lilian last Friday and I couldn't help remembering how often Nina had said that she had always wanted to have an Enid Blyton's books collection. I also remembered that she had mentioned Malory Towers before so I just HAD to tell Dida about the idea. She only managed to sigh when I told her that I'm going to read them all first! ahhahahaha!!

Just finishing up the First Term now.
Might change the layout of this page later today. Certain things seem to annoy me a little. (My face mostly. How vain can I be? - to talk about myself and see my face in four different occasions in one page!!)

Happy V-Day boys and girls!


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