Friday, February 17, 2006

Funny man,

my father.

I said, "My head's spinning."
He replied, "No it's not.."

Just came off a terrible fever. Came home yesterday from work with a chill and goosebumps on my arms. Terrible fever it was; the one that kept waking me up after a few hours of shut eye so I could go to the loo, and have little control over your voice that you sometimes just moaned or sighed.
No longer warm now, but my head is definitely spinning.

Kinda worrying over tomorrow. Would HATE to miss work tomorrow.
See how weird it is?
I'm actually hating the idea of missing work!
Why? WHY??
The sole reason to it is that I hate the idea of missing the chance to speak to the guy! Haven't spoken to him for days.. He's been lipsing some things to me the day before yesterday but I'm not exactly a brilliant lip-reader. He was signing something yesterday, and again I have no clue what so ever!

So, things I have GOT to stop;
1. crushing miserably
2. make a connection when I know too well that I can't keep it
3. make a connection when I know too well that I won't be around long enough to even learn to keep it
4. I need to stop any eye-contact altogether

Now all of a sudden I'm thinking of The Cardigan's Communication... but I guess it's not quite the same.


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