Friday, November 03, 2006

ah.. crap!

Crap is when you have nothing good to do.
Crap is when you got upset when Tom told his girlfriend that he loves her when they couldn't stop the bomb.. and when Sydney watches along as Vaughn was carried out from the room.
Crap is when you look at some old pictures and smiled to yourself thinking, "ohh, I miss that!"
Crap is when you decided that you miss someone and not being able to tell the person 'cause that will mean that you cared a little more than you should.
Crap is when you realized that you are being too proud for your own good.
Crap is when you're smiling and tearing up in the same time.
Crap is when you have too many thoughts in your head and you're nowhere close to finding a single answer.

That's crap, everyone!

Have a good day ahead of you.


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