Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sore throat.

I'm having that. But I think it's more than just a sore.. more like an "ache" type. Just horrible.

Earlier I went to Amadsyah's open house with Alia. The first things he said to me was "Ablen tunggu tadi.." hahha!! I honestly don't know the truth of it but I personally chose not to believe it since I just hate the idea of anyone waiting for me, thank you very much!
Saw Ziadora after so soo long and it surprises me that she didn't seem as tall as she was back in high school. She reckoned I grew tall - it must be, since the thought of Ziad shrinking is too funny! Btw, I called her wantan the very second I saw her at the door!
Ohh, I think I was kinda mean to one of Amadsyah's friends but I think he deserved it. hahha!! I just couldn't tolerate lame jokes..

We (Alia and I) left about half past seven and headed to McD's to grab some ice creams.. and chat a bit! She told me one of her funny dreams that I am too embarrassed to tell over here! Merepek sangat.. I must forget about it as soon as possible before I get myself into a giggling fit!

That's just about it. Almost everything I did today.
I have to lie down now.. my head is feeling rather heavy and warm. sigh.
Have a good Sunday everyone!

ps: Ronaldo is a knob. (Cristiano Ronaldo, I mean.)
pps: George Lazenby on On Her Majesty's Secret Service is the worst of all Bonds so far! Honestly, I have no idea why the whole production made James Bond so out of character! Seriously!


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