Friday, November 03, 2006


Finally saw Tristan and Isolde.
sigh. I've never seen a sadder couple. Both James Franco and Sophia Myles did a brilliant job! I mean, if you see the movie.. you'd see that they both had watery eyes on most part of the film.
Okay, that doesn't sound too great, but gosh!
I'm the one who's having the heartache right now.
They're just.. their face expressions were.. really really sad.

I remembered seeing the poster while I waited for the tram in Rotterdam and I couldn't stop staring at it! So I finally saw it.. after months and months obsessing Gavin Degraw's song on the soundtrack.

If I have to be truth.. I think I want that.
You know.. sad looks on the face because we're pining for love. Wanting to be together with that one -- just because I understand being miserable better than being happy.
Oh no!! I fear I've just revealed too much!

I hope I find this gift.


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