Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Birthday wish.

Maybe I'll get to celebrate my 25th in something sexy like this pair of $690 Christian Louboutin's suede peep-toe pumps. Suppose it's weird that I would wish for shoes but I need to own a pair of Louboutin's by then. Let's just say that it's one of my atypical goals. heehee.

But being the out of job 22 year-old today, I'm just as pleased to settle for.. err.. what ever it is that I had spent the day doing! hahha!
Unfortunately there wasn't any magic on my day but I won't say much about it right now for fear of upsetting myself! heeheee!

Thank you so much to those who had wished me.. Shahnon, Bahijah, Ziad, Dayat, Ana, Ablen, Muz, Dar, Ayin, Asha and Nur. heehee! Arep who sang to me.. Pet for calling all the way from over there.. Hanis for the e-card.. and especially to Cik Alia and Farah who came over and completely surprised me! Ohh you two and my sneaky father.. heehee! You guys are the best! I really tasted the love from that very chocolatey cake! There isn't enough thank you in the world to say to you.

My dad had asked me in a hug, if I had set a goal to reach by my next birthday - and one thing automatically came to mind. So yes, I have one. And it's not just a pair of 'spensive shoes. heehee.

So.. what about being 22?
I'm sure maturity will kick in one of these days..


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