Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I the company

Okay.. it's probably a bit late to say this, but Casino Royale was awesome!!
Finally saw it. Went to GSC earlier to redeem my free ticket since it's my birthday month. I had wanted to see Eragon at first because I don't think I'm ever going to read the book but the guy at the counter told me to choose one with an asterisk symbol; which I would've no problem with if I had known WHICH were the ones with the asterisks!
So the moment he said Casino Royale, I said, "yeah, I'll see that one."

So Daniel Craig is blonde. I hate that bit of fact since James Bond are usually dark haired. But as the film proceeds, I really couldn't care what his hair colour was. It was the best Bond movie to date! The women weren't easy or lame.. and Vesper was cool - up to the last 15 minutes of the film, of course.
Didn't exactly understand that elevator bit, though. Why laa the heck!

And!! I must say this..
The fact that the good guys in the film uses Sony Ericsson just wells me up with pride! *manic laugh* And I'm extremely psyched for having an excellent new company**. I almost lost myself** while I was in the train.
I know Work by Jars Of Clay sounds perfect while I was chasing the train, now!

Before the movie, while I was queing to get myself a drink, I bumped into an old school mate, Enny! Capricorn (yes, I remembered that bit even though I haven't seen her for ages!), not exactly my favourite person back in school. hahha! But she looked good, with a male friend. heehee.
It's awkward, meeting old mates, isn't it?

I also managed to walk around my favourite section of MPH. What did I see? Cecelia Ahern's new book!!! Darn it! And Mitch Albom's too!! Why did I ever went inside..
I've gotta learn to stop myself sometime.

**refer to the new Sony Ericsson TV ad which you can find right here.
Even though mine isn't a Sony Ericsson/Walkman per se, but pshhh! Minor details! heehee. A Sony, is a Sony and the sound is great!


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