Saturday, December 23, 2006

Good ass mother liker.

I've got tears in my eyes!!

You can find more of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry here, but my favourites are the one up there and the rap and the spoon bender. heehee.

Okay, haven't done much. My parents have gone to some wedding.. somewhere, and I managed to get myself excused! Although I wouldn't be able to be excused from another wedding tonight. Bluerghh!
How come I don't remember as many weddings taking place at the end of last year?? Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Kinda had a weird sort of dream last night. Doesn't make much sense either. Bluerghh! Then I woke up with my whole body aching. Fab!

Now I'm just browing through my mp3s, trying to figure out which songs I need to have in my phone so there'll be a soundtrack for my everyday stuff. So far I'm only certain to keep Jars Of Clay; because it sounds great while I was running, and K7; because somehow it makes everybody else moving to its beat.
Aaah.. my life is so exciting.

Sometime in the future, not now.. I will try taking another hiatus again (God knows how many times I've said that!) or just reduce my blogging to once/twice a week. Maybe January. So you guys might want to start looking for a more lively reading material now.

That's all for now. You have a good weekend!


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