Saturday, December 02, 2006


I just realized that I actually have a Multiply account!! hahha! I didn't remember about having it at all.
Anyways, I deleted it of course. I'm fine with Friendster and Lifelogger, and I can't honestly say that I care for half of all on my friends list.

Earlier I asked my dad if he thought I was still having a fever. Instead of putting his hand on my forehead; acting like the human thermometer, he just looked at me and said I was fine. I asked him how would he know?
He simply answered that if I was still unwell, I wouldn't be smiling.

I must say, the attention I get from the parents these past couple of days was kind of nice! Now that I'm only reduced to some throat-aching coughs, I'm starting to miss the special treatments! hahha! (What a brat..)

One thing about getting sick though. I wouldn't have to worry about how much carbs I'm taking since I don't eat anything at all! It's been three days of "crash diet" for me. Been sustaining myself with jellos, believe it or not. So in the future I'd probably end up thin - but diabetic! Excellent.

Okay. Going to watch Grey's Anatomy now and then straight to bed! Wouldn't want to have a relapse. heh! Plus the sound of my lungs purring just gets to me. At least I won't hear it when I'm asleep.

Be well, everyone!

ps: The Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix trailer just gave me the chills!! Ooh! Can't wait 'til July 13th!


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