Thursday, December 28, 2006

Here's amusing..

The local news today had reported about the damage to the communication cables by the quake in Taiwan; so connections and communications around South East Asia would be interrupted for a couple of days as it'd probably take about 5 days to fix it.

Then the voice-over suggested that we should try not to open overseas websites and stop trying if you can't get connected to the person you're trying to call on the first try.

Unbelievable! Even if it makes any sense, at all.. the thought that the prime time news are telling you to practically stop trying to reach out for a bit of communication is just horrid!
Can they really expect anyone to listen to that?
I logged on as soon as they said that preposterous thing. Such a rebel.

I've come to terms that this blog probably wouldn't exist if I weren't sarcastic and cynical.


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