Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Thought for the week.

As awful sort of a person I am.. and as liberal as my thoughts are (sometimes!) about God.. I do believe in God.
I believe that He knows every bit of me and every impure thoughts that I had.. had not been a secret to Him.

So it's weird now to think that all this time, I've been talking to Him as if He was a friend. Those white lies I told.. He'd shook His head but understood perfectly. Every silly promises I made that made me laugh.. I'd imagine He'd think it was just as funny.
Is that in any way - right?
I don't think anybody else thinks God as easy-going as I had thought.

But then again, who really knows about God?
What's important is my faith in Him and though I'm not exactly religious.. pray as much as I should have.. I appreciate the life I've been given in my own ways.

I am.. a bit "liberal" I suppose. I've had my share of times people nagging on me about what I should and shouldn't do. Those people can just stick their self-righteousness up their own backs, for all I care.
But I like my God. He's just, all-knowing, and shall punish me rightfully. I deserve it, but I believe with all my heart... that He's a friend.

Not sure if anyone catches the point of this entry, but I do, and so did He. That's all that matters. For what ever reason I just needed to put it out there.


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