Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's a small world after all!

This is a picture of my couzie, Hannah. But if you've seen my fotopages, and you look closely at this one.. you'll find some familiar faces in this shot.

Which I thought was AMAZING!!
There I was.. feeling sorry for myself for being stuck in the middle of a thick crowd of middle-aged women.. losing feeling of my legs due to lack of blood circulation. Then I turned to the door and saw two of my friends! I couldn't help pointing and gape. (Even Papa noticed from the other side of the room.) Just couldn't believe it.
All the while my mind was racing; I'm related, so what's their excuse?

Turns out Farah too was sort of related, which was so cool!! (Alia was there 'cause Farah dragged her to it.) But Farah seemed a lot more closer to the family than I am, heehee. No surprise there, of course!
The two sat with my family at the table and I must say, I really like the fact that my friends are NOTHING like me! hahha! They're very friendly and gave me some sort of a proud feeling to have introduced them to my parents. hihi.
Plus, they completely brighten up my dull night!! So, thanks you two!

Alright, that's it.
Not too sure when I'm going to update my fotopages. Kinda lazy these days.


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